(photos) Boondocking

One of our favorite things to do is Boondock (park without hookups free) on BLM Land, National Forest Land or just park in a driveway of a friend or relative.  Our small 30′ rig is perfect for this.  Sometimes we stay a day, sometimes up to a couple of weeks & as you can see, many of the places we stay are remote, quiet, & beautiful.  We really love boondocking (some call it dry camping) out west as there are so many of these wonderful places for us to find & enjoy.  Hope you get a feel for what it’s like as you check out the pictures.  And yes, we grab a quick overnight at a Walmart or Casino when we are traveling.  In our pictures are just a couple of places that we might have spent $5-$10 or so also.   Also a slide show at the bottom.


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Thanks for the visit to Martha & Danny’s RV Adventure.

One Response to (photos) Boondocking

  1. Stumbled upon your blog when looking for pic of Buckeye,AZ Recreation area. Nice blog, many travels.

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