(photos) Old & unique RV’s

We love the history of living on the road.  It must have been quite an interesting experience RV’ing in these older coaches as they meandered along on the two lane highways of our past.  Boondocking must have been great back then.  Our first RV is pictured here, a homemade truck camper that we bought for $150 & carried around on our 1972 Dodge pickup.  We had some great times with our kids who just loved the outdoors & traveling.  When we bought this beauty, it was turquoise blue (sort of) & I sided it with a batch of aluminum siding from our barn, painted it with a paint brush & hit the road.  Inside was a propane stove, heater & lamp (no electric or plumbing) & a table.  There was plenty of room (sort of) for all of us to sleep.  A few years later, before it totally fell apart, it was sold to another happy family for $50!  We loved it!

Here’s our homemade beauty with Martha Jason & Kristen near the back

So now as we travel, we take pictures of older RV’s & trailers we’ve seen as well as unique homemade campers or buses, trying to visualize who might have owned them.  Anything vintage or unusual is worth a picture.  For a real treat, be sure to see the RV Heritage Museum in Elkhart, IN where you can see many old rigs & learn RV’ing history.  You can check out their website here by clicking the following link  http://www.rvmhhalloffame.org/.  We’ve been there a couple of times & it always brings a smile to our faces as we walk amongst these old relics.  Enjoy our pics.  Also a slide show at the bottom.

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Thanks for the visit to Martha & Danny’s RV Adventure & enjoy more of our many pictures & stories on the site.

12 Responses to (photos) Old & unique RV’s

  1. Hello! I love this page!
    Maybe you can help me, I’m looking for an old RV made by Adelphian Industries back in the 90’s in California. It’s called a Sterling, which is written just under the windshield. I’m looking to buy one for a project. Condition is un-important! Know anyone with one?

    Thank you!!!

  2. Owen says:

    The “Older Texas RV Getting Some Gas” is a Corvair-powered 1969 Ultra Van.

  3. Curtis Anderson says:

    Hello, thankyou for sharing your awesome RV pictures. I had no idea that there were so many really cool older motorhomes. Creating a homemade motorhome or reviving and maybe customizing a nice looking older model; looks like fun to me.

  4. roy hunter says:

    nice to see the old stuff fixed up I am starting a 359 peterbuilt retirement project

  5. This is a really good read for me. I just found your website a few days ago and I have been reading through it regularly. Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty blog with me

  6. delia says:

    very cool page

  7. Very cool. My father built a 28-foot motorhome from a chassis up way back about 40 years ago. We had some great adventures in it. I always look to see if it possibly is out there somewhere.

  8. Larry Greene says:

    Very cool site, I have been for a picture of an old motor home that was built on an model T truck to frame .

  9. Isai Calderon says:

    Thanks so much for your hobbie, it enlightened me.

  10. William Dorey says:



  11. You have got some great picture. I love to view older RV’s of the past.enjoyed your gallery thank you!!

  12. Merle says:

    Thanks for sharing the RV pics, it was certainly a worthwhile stop.

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